Our staff are dedicated to ensure that our students have the best opportunities to learn and grow. You are invited to contact us for assistance or to discuss the school or your student.

Joseph 257-7800
Sara HolmesAdministrative 257-7800
Victoria McHenryOffice 257-7800
Greg 257-7800
Bonnie 257-7800
Todd PetersonTeacher- 1st 257-7800
Peggy NicholsonTeacher- 2nd 257-7800
Lori ScholtesTeacher-3rd 257-7800
Lisa NevilleTeacher- 4th 257-7800
Lindsay WhitchurchTeacher- 5/6 257-7800
Kyle NewtonTeacher- 6th 257-7800
Audrie BallardTeacher- SDC/ 257-7800
Patricia SkeltonTeacher- 257-7800
Lisa PutneyTeacher-Mod/Sev 257-7800
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